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It’s all about flexibility!

If you have just finished the latest workout from Joe Wicks you may be feeling pretty pleased with yourself as your fitness and flexibility are improving during these long weeks of lockdown due to Coronavirus. Have you also managed to adapt to “working from home” – something we have all been urged to do where ever possible? At Filofile we have been working hard to ensure you can still receive the same service that you would normally expect and that means the delivery of your documents when you need them and – most importantly – to the place you are currently working.

Filofile has adapted its service so that you can arrange to have those important documents delivered to wherever you are working. This means we can deliver them to your home taking care to observe the mandatory two metres when we drop off the Filofile boxes just as you would expect from a business that takes your safety and security very seriously.

During this time, you may have decided to archive some additional files or paperwork. If you wish to arrange for the storage of additional documents Filofile will supply storage boxes with lids for A4 sized paper documents, valuable papers, files of documents, engineering drawings, healthcare records, media files and other confidential records that need to be placed into a long-term secure storage facility.
These boxed documents can then be collected from your premises or home at a time that is convenient for you – we will work with you to schedule a time for collection of documents and transport them to our secure records storage facility. Filofile utilises advanced barcode technology that ensures 99.9% accuracy in all areas of document storage: archiving, retrieval and destruction.

We are able to guarantee accurate tracking of documents by assigning a unique barcode identification number to each document storage box and shelf location within our secure storage facility.

Other things to consider when working from home:
• Create a dedicated work space. Sectioning off work from break spaces signals to our brain that THIS area is where we block out distractions.
• Get out of your pyjamas! Comfy though they may be, it sets a bad precedent. When getting dressed, think ‘casual Friday’ for the whole of the week.
• Make good use time saved travelling to work. Everyone may gain an extra hour or two a day so use this wisely. Don’t be tempted to stay in bed or to start work earlier. Have a relaxing breakfast, and do some exercise or yoga to set yourself up for a productive day.
• Get some fresh air. Many of the world’s greatest thinkers believe walking clears the mind and makes space for fresh ideas.
• Manage your time. For those new to remote working there is an added pressure to prove to bosses that work is still getting done. Doing so is a one-way ticket to burnout and compromised wellbeing.
• Remember to clock off. When 6pm arrives, where is that end-of-the-day feeling? Make sure you finish your day by scheduling in something fun or social directly after you’ve finished work.

Why not contact us today to discuss how Filofile could help your organisation?

Thanks to Chris Griffiths, the author of The Creative Thinking Handbook, and developer of the remote working app, for the tips above.

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