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Let us give you space in 2019

At this time of year how many of us look around our homes and offices and wish we’d cracked the final frontier and had more space? Somehow the dream of the paperless office hasn’t quite arrived and finding enough storage space to store your business documents and files may become an unexpected challenge. It can also lead to your information being scattered throughout multiple office areas, and some files may simply get lost.

This is where Filofile can truly help you as we provide optimal storage facilities giving better protection and management of records. Of course you may want to continue to cope in house and we have spoken to businesses who say they are “quite okay thank you” because they are already using solutions like self-storage units, basements and lofts or a partially used room in an office.

Some of these are no doubt legitimate storage solutions but keeping documents in a variety of different places can increase your business or organisation’s exposure to the risk of fire, theft, non-compliance and legal liability. Filofile can help you assess your current storage situation helping you to reduce risk and manage expenditure.

Let’s take a closer look at some of those storage solutions that companies claim are the answer to the space conundrum. A self-storage building may seem like a convenient option but it does not provide barcode tracking or systems for properly organizing a records inventory. At Filofile our humidity controlled secure facility is linked to police and fire services in a discreet rural location monitored 24/7. Renting some self-storage also leads to the question of staffing. Every time you need a file from self-storage, someone within your business has to spend their time locating and retrieving files rather than doing their own job. Filofile provides a next day delivery service as standard and also a fast emergency request service for those crucial moments.

We have also encountered businesses who have allocated a specific room or space in their warehouse for file storage, only to find that they lack the resources or knowledge to fully manage the various retention schedules that apply to a records inventory. This can lead to non-compliance and/or legal issues and also increase the risk of confidential information being compromised. If sensitive information is not properly monitored or destroyed in a timely manner, your company is at increased risk. At Filofile we know confidential removal of obsolete documents and media forms an integral part of any records management strategy. Filofile provides comprehensive destruction of redundant documents and records when they are no longer needed.

So, as we move towards 2019 don’t let your documents get lost in space, contact Filofile and let us help you create your perfect Space Odyssey.

(NB/ all reference to films, TV dramas and music in this blog is entirely intentional!)

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