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Thinking inside the box

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Think before you put your head (or anything else) in The Cloud

I was talking to a retired accountant the other day who told me the salutary tale of one of his clients who many years ago had managed to avoid paying a substantial sum of tax which he owed to HMRC because the organisation had managed to mislay his file for a number of months. Eventually they found it had been mistakenly sent for secure storage.  The client was obviously in no hurry to hear back from HMRC and several more months went by until a rather harassed official informed the accountant that the file had been located, but unfortunately the building where it had been placed had been condemned together with all its contents. Apparently a large amount of asbestos had been found in the roof. Consequently the delighted client found he no longer had a large tax bill to settle. HMRC took a long hard look at its storage facilities!

Ah, but that couldn’t happen nowadays, you may be thinking. Technology has of course changed beyond all recognition since the 1980s and of course that includes storage and document management. Many large companies have already switched to storing everything in the Cloud. It’s interesting how we all refer to the Cloud as if it really was some sort of giant invisible storage station in the sky, whereas in reality an awful lot of data is kept firmly on the ground in countries and locations that back in the 1980s were referred to as the Iron Curtain.

As the last few years have shown all too clearly, the strangest events can happen, whether that’s a global pandemic, regime change, the continuing unpredictability of climate change or even the start of a new space race. Do you know where the server that keeps all your digital data is actually located? One day soon it could be out of this world.

Although there is nothing wrong with digitising your records, they will only be as secure as the weakest link in the chain. This means training people in systems access is vital when it comes to being able to access your files. Is your password safe and secure? Do you have to change it frequently and if so where do you keep it?

Technology is and can be wonderful, but it is worth thinking about how much control you have over your digitised data. In the meantime Filofile is able to look after your important documents and records in the real world. Providing an essential service for your hard copy records, we offer a climate controlled secure facility linked to police and fire services in a discreet but local rural location monitored 24/7. Retrieval and next day delivery is standard. Filofile has been operating for more than 14 years and has clients ranging from firms of accountants to hospitals, charities, schools and legal services.  We also make use of appropriate technology. The business uses advanced barcode technology to ensure 99.9% accuracy in all areas of document storage. Accurate tracking of documents is achieved by assigning unique barcode identification numbers to each document storage box and shelf location within the secure storage facility.

Because we are local we are also able to deliver a truly personal door to door service. We can deliver documents stored in our facility directly to your home and if you have generated documents at home which need to be stored, we can arrange for their storage and supply storage boxes with lids for A4 sized paper documents, valuable papers, engineering drawings, healthcare records, media files and other confidential records. We guarantee there will be no rockets involved in the collection of your data!

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