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5 Steps to Implement a Records Management Strategy

However tight budgets are starting a Records Management Strategy today could save you tomorrow

Is it any wonder that organisations are beginning to getconcerned about the loss or misplacement of valuable documents? Is there anything that can be done to minimise the embarrassment or legal obligations? Filofile has a number of recommendations that organisations should take on board.

  1. Team Development: Develop a cross-functional team across your organisation made up of people from different departments who will ensure that a records management strategy is initiated across all departments.
  2. Expand Record Keeping Criteria: It is critical to incorporate methods for keeping valuable documents filed correctly and in compliance with the organisation’s records management strategy.
  3. Develop Retention Procedures: Develop an integrated data ‘hold’ policy across the entire organisation.
  4. Use Technology: Companies need to use technologies to automate discovery and records management. Instead of simply throwing more bodies at this challenge work smarter, leveraging technology to automate retention classification and selected discovery steps.
  5. Choose a Records Storage Vendor Carefully: While organisations may be happy with the records storage method they are currently using, they need to ask themselves whether it is capable of making them compliant with data protection rules on compliance.

When you sit back and look at it, it all looks really obvious. However with tight budgets and over-stretched IT departments many companies are neglecting to implement these policies and leaving themselves open to

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