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Once we’ve learned it as children, few of us think much of the alphabet and its familiar sing-song order. And yet the order of the alphabet continues to play a major role in our adult lives. From school registers to electoral rolls, from dictionaries and encyclopaedias to library shelves, our lives have been ordered from A to Z.

Long before Google searches, this magical system of organization gave us the ability to sort through centuries of thought, knowledge and literature, allowing us to sift, file, and find the information we have, and to locate the information we need.

We came across a fascinating book recently which lays out the gradual triumph of alphabetical order, from its use as a sorting tool in the Great Library of Alexandria to its current decline in prominence in the digital age. Along the way, the reader encounters a wonderful cast of characters, from the great collector Robert Cotton, who catalogued his manuscripts by the names of the busts of the Roman emperors surmounting his book cases, to the unassuming sixteenth-century London bookseller who ushered in a revolution by listing his authors by ‘sirname’ first. If you want to know more, look out for the book A Place for Everything, The Curious History of Alphabetical Order by acclaimed historian Judith Flanders.

Compliance regulations, risk management and continuity planning are just a few of the primary reasons why organisations and companies archive information. We know that your records archiving solution needs to address each of the following primary challenges: collection, consolidation, search, discovery and secure records management.

At Filofile we use the world’s leading document management software – so no matter how you like to run your business you can be sure that we utilise a system that’s more than capable of coping with your requirements for file tracking and providing state of the art traceability, seamlessly combining our barcode system with any records management processes you already have in place. These methods save you time while providing you with the peace of mind that all of your valuable papers are securely logged and stored into our secure facility.

Filofile document management delivers a comprehensive end-to-end safe secure records management solution that includes complimentary collection of boxed documents, free document box registration and free retrieval from our modern highly secure and monitored facilities. Our personnel are fully vetted and our security system is linked directly to fire and police services.

Our comprehensive document management services go far beyond just storing documents in boxes in a remote warehouse – Filofile document management delivers a bespoke secure records storage and document management service to meet your needs so that you are not paying for a pre-packaged service that is inflexible and makes it difficult for you to manage. When you call us you talk directly to someone you know, who is familiar with your business, understands the complexities of safe secure document management and who takes a keen personal interest in getting the exact records you want, when you want them. In fact, you could say it’s as easy as ABC.

Contact us today to see how we can help you with your file management needs.

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