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Secure document storage – complying with the data protection act

Secure document storage has never been so crucial ever since the Data Protection Act 1988

If you are a business that holds personal details of customers or clients, it’s crucial that you’re aware of the regulations detailed in the Data Protection Act. Secure document storage should be an intrinsic part of every business’s administrative processes, ensuring any sensitive documents are kept safe and secure.

The Data Protection Act 1988

The Data Protection Act outlines UK law on how data is processed on identifiable living people in order to protect their rights and identity. The Act falls in line with the European Directive of 1995 that was introduced to help protect individual’s fundamental rights and freedoms in respect to their privacy and personal data. Businesses and organisations are legally obliged to comply with the Data Protection Act prompting a tightening of procedures when it comes to secure document storage.

Data protection act 1998. Secure document storage.

Sensitive Documents need Secure Storage

Businesses and organisations such as solicitors, medical services and dentists that hold personal data are required to comply with the Act. But also arts organisations, such as theatres and those that undertake direct marketing, need to be aware of how they store personal information. This data includes names, addresses, bank details or even opinions expressed about an individual (say from a previous employer, doctor or bank). There are fundamental rules of good information handling, including opting for secure document storage. If information is passed onto a third party, it needs to have the individual’s consent first – this is often achieved by marketing strategies such as asking individuals to tick a consent box or form.

Secure Document Storage for Peace of Mind

There are however stricter rules about personal information deemed sensitive – sensitive data includes information about an individuals religious beliefs, ethnic origin, political opinions, physical or mental health conditions or offences committed. Although there are instances where this information can be used, you need to meet the Data Protection Acts conditions first to ensure this data is only used where there is an essential need to do so.

If you haven’t incorporated secure document storage solutions into your business, you could be vulnerable to acting illegally when it comes to protecting data and information.

Looking for secure document storage services?

Filofile document management provides secure document storage facilities for valuable papers, files of documents, engineering drawings, healthcare records, boxed files, media files; secure records destruction when documents are no longer needed; complete scanning and image hosting for a range of media files.

We use the world’s leading document management software – so no matter how you like to run your business you can be sure we have a system that’s more than capable of coping with your requirements for file tracking and providing state of the art traceability.

If you require further information call us on 0845 602 7006 and we’ll be happy to talk to you. Or email us and we’ll call you back.

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