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Thinking inside the box

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Managing paper before its too late

Many years ago when the personal computer arrived on our desktops we were told and led to believe that these devices would reduce the amount of paper that was generated but as we have come to learn that simply isn’t true.

Managing large amounts of paper files and data containing information that is critical to an organisations daily business is becoming more of challenge as we become further entrenched into the generation and movement of more and more paper based communications.  

So it should come as no surprise that organisations large and small are looking to companies like Filofile for strategic solutions to the growing mountains of boxed paper based storage – coupled with the need for highly secure and manageable archiving and retrieval methods, the spare office or the garage at home is not the solution and only adds to the headaches if something goes wrong, and yes the day will come when a critical client file goes missing or even gets lost…

Fortunately, when organisations need to know how to best tackle secure records management and storage solutions they turn to Filofile for peace of mind knowing that in the future they will be able to find and retrieve information quickly.

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