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Thinking inside the box

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21Nov 23

Hello? Can anyone hear me?

Are we all trying to communicate with less communicative people? When you post on social media do you ever get the feeling no one is listening? Or to slightly rephrase…

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25Oct 23

Important documents returned to school

Did you know Filofile helps schools and colleges with the mountains of files and documents that require safe storage and management in the educational sector? Making sure school archives are…

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25May 23

Competition Time!

This month we are having some fun based around some key events that have taken place recently or are about to happen in June. To take part all you need…

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09May 23

How is Artificial Intelligence being regulated?

The International Records Management Society (IRMS) says there are four essential elements of any data-driven business: Information, People, Technology and Regulation. And it’s that final element, regulation, which seems to…

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28Feb 23

The new unmentionable word

Are you aware there’s a word that seems to be attracting a lot of attention right now? It describes something we used to take for granted. And yet now it…

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