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Thinking inside the box

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19Sep 13

Historic Records Lost

A suspicious fire that raced through the main floor of city hall in Grand Forks, seriously damaging the 101-year-old building and forcing council to scramble to find a temporary home,…

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05Sep 13

Missing documents add mystery to case

Another twist in the case came when Deana Finnegan, in 2012, requested the case file be retrieved from storage with a company in Saginaw County, where the court stocks older…

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11Jul 13

Search for lost Hillsborough documents

A POLICE force involved in the initial investigation into the Hillsborough disaster has launched a trawl of its archives after finding documents relating to the tragedy at its headquarters. West…

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13Jun 13

Historic records may be destroyed

The official records of the first census carried out in Northern Ireland, in 1926, no longer exist. An investigation by the Public Record Office found no trace of the census.…

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