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Thinking inside the box

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18Apr 13

20,000 Documents Destroyed by Mistake

An investigation into the accidental destruction of documents from Queensland's famous Fitzgerald Inquiry has found those responsible for the failure broke the law. The Crime and Misconduct Commission shredded up…

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04Apr 13

How safe are shredded documents?

Why Choose a Document Destruction Service? From personal and private papers to business documents and spare hard drives, with the amount of identity theft in the world, it can be…

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07Mar 13

Hard drive records missing

The RCMP are looking into how a hard drive containing the personal information of 583,000 student loan borrowers went missing from a Gatineau, Que., office in November last year. The…

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21Feb 13

Important documents have gone missing

One of the most important historical documents of the 20th century appears to have gone missing — offering the alarming possibility that the Soviet Union still exists, if only on…

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