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Council plans new data policy

A new data protection policy has been approved by a council at the centre of two high profile errors.

Last year the salary details of about 900 Dumfries and Galloway Council staff were inadvertently released and later posted online by a third party website.

More recently the contact details of more than 2,000 childminders were accidentally sent to child care groups.

Councillors have now approved a new policy with a data protection audit also scheduled.

The authority has said it has already taken a number of steps since last year’s blunders.

An independent review was carried out that identified systemic failures in how the council handled freedom of information requests.

An action plan to tackle the failings identified was subsequently introduced.

Since then the council has also appointed a data protection officer to deliver further improvements in the way personal and sensitive information is collected, processed and stored.

A new data security policy has now been approved by members of the policy and resources committee.


Source: BBC News

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