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Counting The Cost Of Storing Your Files

Counting the cost of storing your files

Have you ever felt a bit like the king in the counting house, but counting out your files rather than your money? In fact sometimes it may as well be money you are counting when it comes to storing and managing files in the workplace.

The accumulation of documents can quickly balloon into a filing headache, especially for medium to large companies. As documents pile up, company personnel must know which documents to keep and which ones to eliminate. Moreover, it is crucial for employees to know when to delete expendable documents – all of this costs money in training, storage on site, labour etc. At Filofile we can eliminate these worries by storing your files off site and we can help you assess the lifetime costs of storing your records.

Did you know some companies working in the document storage and management field register every single file which means businesses can face a nasty surprise when it comes to the removal and destruction process with charges made per file rather than per box – this could prove extremely costly for clients storing thousands of small individual files. In some comparisons Filofile is up to 14 times cheaper than other records management companies.

At Filofile charges for confidential destruction are worked out per box and exit charges are agreed at the very start of the process. What’s more, in some cases you will not have to pay for document retrieval – depending on the volume you store with us we’ll give you a free NEXT DAY retrieval allowance tailored to meet your individual needs.

Confidential removal of obsolete documents and media forms an integral part of any records management strategy and Filofile provides comprehensive destruction of redundant documents and records when they are no longer needed. Part of our full service includes end of life procedures for documents, meaning you don’t need to concern yourself with the disposal of data as it will be dealt with automatically by us when an agreed time is reached.

Shredding large amounts of documentation can be very time consuming on an office shredder, Filofile offers a cost effective service to take this on for you disposing your documents in a secure and environmentally friendly manner.

Documents are shredded into an enclosed container that is then baled and taken for recycling ensuring the maximum environmental benefit in terms of sustainability and efficient utilisation of resources. We issue certificates of destruction to ensure your audit trail is complete.

From the beginning to the end of the document management and storage process, Filofile has everything covered and we are happy to work with you to count the cost of storing your files with us so you know all the costs up front – and no nasty surprises! Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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