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Data Loss More Menacing Than Computer Viruses

The loss of important documents and the time spent looking for them is costing organisations hundreds of thousands of pounds annually.

While 3 to 5 percent of an organisation’s files are summarily lost or misplaced there are many more hours of employee time wasted every year looking for lost data and in some cases never finding those records. The need for an effective records management strategy is now more than ever one of the most important items on the agenda at most companies large and small. And the impending violations of the data protection act are putting companies at an even greater risk of getting dealt with hefty fines for non-compliance.

  • 90% of records, once filed, are never referred to again
  • 95% of references are to records less than 3 years old
  • Between 3 and 5 percent of an organisation’s files are lost or misplaced
  • 67% of data loss is directly related to user blunders, making them 30 times more menacing than viruses and the leading cause of data loss

Filofile is at the forefront of providing organisations with effect methods of managing their important and even less important documents that all need to be catalogued and filed away in a safe and secure environment for years to come.

Records Management Strategy

The Filofile records management strategy should be on the top of the list for every organisation and with secure storage and retrieval of documents costing just a few pounds a day it’s a remedy for a long-term solution that will eliminate data loss and time wasted.

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