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Thinking inside the box

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Long term storage of boxed documents should be a simple task but often the case is that it is too costly to end the contract with another provider because the “get out” costs of removing and transferring boxes of documents is very costly.

Ending a storage contract sounds very final, and in some cases it can involve moving your archive to another provider. But if you think about the exit costs for an individual box, it becomes the end part of the life cycle for those records. Unfortunately, many organisations look to resolve some immediate problems, like lack of space, or initiating a secure and convenient service to manage their files, but don’t think about the costs through to the point of exiting or confidential destruction.

This is where Filofile is different. We collect and register boxes free of charge, and when it comes time for the cost of exiting, we charge a reasonable fee which covers the labour to remove these boxes from the shelves. So how does this compare to other providers? We have seen many examples where exit costs are 5x as much as Filofile! And to add insult to injury, these charges are applied to files that are due for destruction.

So why do our competitors charge so much?

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