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Filofile Delivers Results

Filofile is constantly striving to improve the services that it delivers to customers and as part of our commitment to ISO 9001 we have to submit annual qualifications that cover all elements of our service and deliverables. We conducted a customer survey to determine how effective our services are.

To meet this requirement we provided a survey to all customers with a set of predefined questions to understand their rating of the state of our service.

How satisfied are you with the services that Filofile provides to you?

Overall does Filofile provide value for money?

How satisfied are you with the services that Filofile provides to you?

How would you rate Filofile’s level of communication with you?

How would you rate the level of support and assistance you get from Filofile?

How would you rate the on-time delivery – dependability and reliability of Filofile?

How would you rate Filofile at meeting your expectations?

How convenient is Filofile to use?

In your opinion how professional is Filofile?

How responsive is Filofile?

Overall are you satisfied with the employees of Filofile?

How likely are you to recommend Filofile?
Please let us know how we could improve our service to you or your suggestions for services that you would like to see at Filofile

filofile survey chart

We are very happy to report that 95.75% were in favour of the overall service provided and 100% said that they would have no hesitation in recommending the document management service that Filofile delivers.

Please contact us for a no obligation review of your document storage requirements. 

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