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Good record keeping is essential in Care Homes

At Filofile we pride ourselves on helping a whole range of businesses including legal practices, GPs, hospitals, schools and accountants, all of whom generate vast quantities of paperwork requiring careful management and storage.  An ever increasing elderly population has seen a real rise in Care and Nursing homes and looking after and caring for so many individuals generates a huge number of records which is where Filofile’s document management and storage service is a huge benefit.

From the day a new resident arrives at a care home, and throughout the entirety of their stay, a great deal of information needs to be held and recorded. Employees are responsible for updating the records and referring to existing records when they need to.

The importance of keeping up-to-date data was brought to light recently when a Care Quality Commission (CQC) report about a care home in East Grinstead revealed that resident’s records were not accurate.

This report highlighted an incidence where a resident’s record showed a Do Not Attempt to Resuscitate form in her care plan. It was claimed that her husband had authorised this, however it was not made clear if he actually had power of attorney, according to a report in the East Grinstead Courier.

Without power or attorney, he would not have the legal right to make that decision. If something had happened to the lady and the care home did not try to resuscitate her, this could have had alarming consequences. This example highlights the importance of keeping and maintaining up to date records of all aspects of a patient’s care. This is particularly crucial for when employees change over at the end of a shift or for when staff come and go.

It is also important for employees to be aware of who has the power of attorney over residents with limited capacity, such as those with dementia. . It is vital that staff are given training in record keeping and realise the importance of updating and referring to these files.

Families should also be able to check these records to make sure they are correct. The next of kin should be able to see these records, and any reputable care home should be only too willing to share these with family at any given moment.

The Care Quality Commission has a particular regulation relating directly to keeping accurate care records. All in all, the CQC has 28 regulations, designed to encourage care homes to ensure high quality records are kept. The Commission carries out regular inspections to make sure standards are meeting these regulations.

Filofile has a number of care homes as clients and is able to take the stress away of impending CQC visits by helping to resolve any record management issues before a CQC inspection.  Filofile can store documents “off-site” and uses a comprehensive barcode indexing technology to track files which can be integrated seamlessly into any care or nursing home’s records management processes. When files are needed, Filofile provides a next day delivery service as standard and also a fast emergency request service for those crucial moments. In other words we take away the stress of storing important documents so you will always know exactly where they are when you need them.

If you would like to find out more about how off site document storage works with Filofile and to discuss how we can help your organisation, please contact us today.

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