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Thinking inside the box

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Hello? Can anyone hear me?

Are we all trying to communicate with less communicative people? When you post on social media do you ever get the feeling no one is listening? Or to slightly rephrase that thought – no one is listening that you want to be listening, but everyone you don’t want to be listening seems to be doing just that.

I am talking about all those annoying adverts that pop up on your social media feed before you even have a chance to realise you might want a new fat free fryer. A thought you may have even been keeping to yourself and your Christmas wish list, but which somehow is following you around the Internet flagrantly touting its benefits. Whereas all you wanted to do was google idly as you were trying to think of the next clever, witty, engaging post that would set your followers alight. ‘Please form an orderly queue and use our excellent services’ never quite does the trick.

There is no dispute that social media’s popularity and reach are expanding along with the global digital population. Online platforms, which allow users to access a wide range of information, are a part of everyday life and are continuously changing how people engage with one another globally. In their early years, social media sites were mostly seen as online communities for younger populations; however, people of all ages regularly use such platforms for matters of business, socializing, dating, politics, and daily communication.

According to a US statistics company, Statista, the United States is the leading worldwide market for social media advertising, with a total expenditure of 72.3 billion US dollars in 2023 followed by China and the United Kingdom, with 71 billion and nine billion US dollars, respectively. As of January 2023, Facebook was the platform most used amongst marketers with 89 percent of global marketers reporting using Facebook. Instagram and LinkedIn followed, whilst one-quarter of marketers used TikTok for advertising. Moreover, 86 percent of industry professionals said that increased exposure was the leading benefit of using social media as a marketing tool, whilst 76 percent stated that increased traffic was the biggest advantage.

We all know what people say about statistics, but undeniably it is true that almost every business in existence now has some kind of social media presence combined with a website. Are we becoming a world which, certainly before but more so after Covid, is preferring to communicate from behind a screen rather than face to face with an actual person, or failing that at the end of a telephone/mobile?

Are you noticing more engagement with your business via social media or do you think you still perform better and make more worthwhile connections when you talk to someone face to face? At Filofile we will never ignore social media and keep in regular contact with existing clients via monthly e-shots, blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn and X(Twitter) posts, as well as reaching out to potential new customers.  BUT – and it is a big BUT – in a service industry we are still convinced you can’t beat personal service whether that’s meeting old and new clients regularly to check we are still meeting their requirements or being at the end of a telephone line to answer their questions. In a nutshell, we are keen to champion the art of communication, whatever the method, to borrow from an old BT advert – ‘It’s good to talk.’ We look forward to talking with you soon! 0845 6027006  http://www.filofile/contact

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