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How are you managing a new hybrid workforce?

COVID-19 changed the working landscape overnight with businesses across the UK forced to relocate to the homes of their employees. Working from home (or #WFH as it has become known in popular culture) is a practice that may well continue in years to come and for many it will reshape how businesses continue to operate in the long term.

For many, working from home has proved to be highly beneficial and after an initial period of adjustment, employers and employees have enjoyed the benefits in terms of productivity and a beneficial work/ life balance.

However with the end of Lockdown, many businesses have lifted stay-at-home orders and employees are starting to return to their offices. This requires companies to manage those documents created by their remote employees, as well as creating secure document management for their returning workforce, and processes for those employees that continue to work from home.

In a recent global survey conducted by Robert Walters Recruitment, 93% of workers confirmed they would like the opportunity to work from home with 1 in 10 stating they would like to work from home permanently.  However, eight in ten companies said the experience of Covid-19 would likely encourage more homeworking in the future with over a third of all companies surveyed confirming they have not yet defined their return to work strategy.

It’s clear that the business community is in a situation which requires it to adapt to a hybrid way of working with their teams split between the office and working from home.

There is no doubt that technology has enabled businesses to work remotely and for many companies the implementation of new document management tools has further enhanced their capabilities. A few businesses had already prepared for this change which allowed them to operate a seamless digital workplace when Lockdown struck, enabling easy adaption to this new way of working and ensuring continuity.

Others have not been as prepared, or perhaps they have not been in a position to commit to a whole scale conversion of paperwork to digital records. What happens when there are no digital records and employees have to access hard copies of important documents? After all it is important to enable employees to work as productively at home as they do in the office as it bridges the gap of physical absences between departments. This is where Filofile can really help. Not only do we offer free downloadable guides to help with record management tips and how to choose a competent record management supplier, but we also can ensure you still receive the same service that you would normally expect when you are in the office:  that means the delivery of your documents when you need them and – most importantly – to the place you are currently working.

That’s right! We can deliver documents stored in our facility directly to your home and If you have generated documents at home which need to be stored, we can arrange for their storage and supply storage boxes with lids for A4 sized paper documents, valuable papers, files of documents, engineering drawings, healthcare records, media files and other confidential records.

These boxed documents can be collected from your premises or home at a time that is convenient for you – we will work with you to schedule a time for collection of documents and transport them to our secure records storage facility. Our clients can also be reassured that documents will be well looked after as Filofile utilises advanced barcode technology to ensure 99.9% accuracy in all areas of document storage: archiving, retrieval and destruction.

If you take away one thing from this blog, it is important to remember: the success of a remote/hybrid workforce, the uplift in productivity it is delivering, along with other benefits including improved morale and lower absence rates, relies on a system that allows employees to work without hindrance or frustration. Filofile is here to help you implement that system and we are proud to say that in our most recent customer survey sent to all our clients we scored 100% for delivery and reliability.

To see how Filofile could help support your organisation, get in touch today.

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