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How much paper are you using in 2022?

How much paper do you use in your everyday life? Is it still human nature to pick up a pen and jot something down on any rough piece of paper when a handy mobile phone will often do the same job as the back of an envelope and a stubby pencil?  Although looking around the office it seems the smart phone hasn’t yet managed to replace the immediacy of a yellow post- it note stuck to the office fridge or a colleague’s computer screen – perhaps it’s the fluorescent colours!

Perhaps we are confident that we aren’t using half as much paper as a few years ago. However the statistics paint a different picture.

To get things into perspective let’s consider how paper is produced. It is estimated that a standard pine tree, with 45ft of the usable trunk and a diameter of eight inches, will produce around 10,000 sheets of paper. To consider this in another way, one ream of paper (which is 500 sheets) will use 5% of a tree. Using only 5% of a tree for a ream of paper may seem like a small amount, but when you consider the number of boxes of paper that offices use on a regular basis it can quickly added up.

In fact, on average, a small office will use the equivalent of one tree every year, even in offices that limit their paper usage and strive for a paperless office.

Another consideration is that coated paper that is used for high-quality printing and magazines will require more pulp. In fact, one ton of coated magazine paper uses over 15 trees. For paper used for newspapers, it takes around 12 trees to create one tonne of newspaper. When you consider how many magazines and newspapers are printed and distributed across the world, it is difficult to visualise the number of trees being used.

The impact of such an extensive reliance on paper has negative consequences for the environment, as half of all waste stems from paper usage. Paper usage within offices and alike is costing businesses heavily. By cutting down your office’s paper usage, you can not only help the planet, but you can benefit by saving a lot of money each year.

Cutting down your office’s paper usage is all part of an efficient document and records management system which we at Filofile can help you put in place. Helping you manage the paper in the meantime is our speciality.  At Filofile we use the world’s leading document management software – so no matter how you like to run your business you can be sure that we utilise a system that’s more than capable of coping with your requirements for file tracking and providing state of the art traceability, seamlessly combining our barcode system with any records management processes you already have in place. These methods save you time while providing you with the peace of mind that all of your valuable papers are securely logged and stored into our secure facility.

Filofile document management delivers a comprehensive end-to-end safe secure records management solution that includes complimentary collection of boxed documents, free document box registration and free retrieval from our modern highly secure and monitored facilities. Our personnel are fully vetted and our security system is linked directly to fire and police services.

If you are still using a large amount of paper, you can be assured that our comprehensive document management services go far beyond just storing documents in boxes in a remote warehouse – Filofile document management delivers a bespoke secure records storage and document management service to meet your needs so that you are not paying for a pre-packaged service that is inflexible and makes it difficult for you to manage. When you call us you talk directly to someone you know, who is familiar with your business, understands the complexities of safe secure document management and who takes a keen personal interest in getting the exact records you want, when you want them. Contact us today to see how we can help make your organisation to be more efficient.

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