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If you’re working from home, you need this!

With no likelihood of being asked to go back to the office work place in the near future, we came across an interesting review in The Independent newspaper talking about how to keep your home work space organised – plus there are some handy “organisational must-haves” products that you may want to add to your Christmas list!

If you’ve spent the past six months slowly getting used to working from home, you’ve probably got into a good routine adapting to the “new normal”.

As there’s no sign of returning to the office en masse any time soon, it’s the perfect opportunity to dedicate a permanent space in your home to your new office space. Perhaps you have finally committed to buying a new desk or maybe just a laptop stand for the dining room table, but chances are, as all the days blend into one, stuff tends to pile up.

Whether it’s books, documents, stationery or otherwise essential equipment, keeping your space tidy can be helpful in keeping you productive. It also means fewer frantic panics seconds before a zoom call where you need that piece of paper or a pen to hand to jot down something important.

Although not always the most exciting of purchases, they often are the most helpful when it comes to keeping all your work essentials easy to find at all times.

One recommendation involves strategically placing items that will separate work from pleasure; Simply place an empty basket close by that you can simply offload everything into at the end of your working day.

If you want a more permanent solution to an ever-growing stack of stuff, invest in a skinny locker or small filing cabinet. If you’re limited on floor space, utilise your walls with a pin it up extra-large notice board. Should you like to be plugged into a podcast or music while you work, or you live in a communal place and don’t want to disturb your flatmates while on a zoom meeting, you may have your headphones on for most of the workday. Investing in a headphone stand (John Lewis & Partners, £18) keeps your desk space free from cables and accessories.

Working from home is a great excuse to buy some stationery and apparently there is even a recommended colour to boost your productivity. Red accessories will help as it is the first colour the naked human eye sees, so it’s very stimulating and a pop of it will wake up the brain and boost energy and productivity.

If you’re the owner of a set of Ikea drawers, picking up a cheap insert can make finding what you need much easier.

Finally, something we at Filofile know all about, it’s easy to get bogged down with paperwork, so keep things in order with a magazine file desktop storage container. At Filofile we have thousands of our own safe, secure Filofile boxes just waiting to help with the storage of all your documents.

We have also been working hard to ensure you can still receive the same service that you would normally expect when you are in the office and that means the delivery of your documents when you need them and – most importantly – to the place you are currently working.

This means we can deliver them to your home taking care to observe the mandatory two metres when we drop off the Filofile boxes just as you would expect from a business that takes your safety and security very seriously.

If you wish to arrange for the storage of additional documents Filofile will supply storage boxes with lids for A4 sized paper documents, valuable papers, files of documents, engineering drawings, healthcare records, media files and other confidential records that need to be placed into a long-term secure storage facility.

These boxed documents can then be collected from your premises or home at a time that is convenient for you – we will work with you to schedule a time for collection of documents and transport them to our secure records storage facility. Filofile utilises advanced barcode technology that ensures 99.9% accuracy in all areas of document storage: archiving, retrieval and destruction.

Call us today on 0845 602 7006 or send us a message and we will get back to you shortly to discuss your needs.

Source: The Independent

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