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Important documents returned to school

Did you know Filofile helps schools and colleges with the mountains of files and documents that require safe storage and management in the educational sector? Making sure school archives are kept safe and secure is important; sometimes the absence of a controlled environment, lack of security and traceability can result in the loss of valuable documents.

Recently Filofile read about a repatriation ceremony held to mark the return of some very important documents to one prominent school in the local vicinity and the story highlights how vulnerable documents (these were lost back in 1984) could become when stored in an environment that is not closely monitored.

During a repatriation ceremony held at Sherborne School on 22 August 2023, HSI Special Agent Greg Wertsch and DOJ AUSA Laura Hurd formally handed over to the Headmaster of Sherborne School material from the School’s Turing Archive, which had been seized in Colorado in February 2018 by the US Department of Homeland Security Investigations.

Alan Turing attended Sherborne School during the 1920s and is best known as the World War Two Bletchley Park code-breaker.

The repatriated material included six of Alan Turing’s school reports dating from 1924 to 1931; the OBE awarded to Alan Turing in 1946 for secret war service in the Foreign Office, together with a letter from King George VI regretting that he was unable to present the award to him in person; the Princeton University PhD certificate awarded to Alan Turing in 1938; and portrait photographs taken of Alan Turing in 1951 when he was made a Fellow of the Royal Society. These items were originally given to Sherborne School by Alan Turing’s mother when, following Alan’s death, she set about securing his legacy by donating material to institutions with which Alan had been associated during his lifetime, which included Sherborne School where Alan was a pupil from 1926 to 1931, and King’s College Cambridge where he had studied as an undergraduate and was later elected a Fellow.

The mathematician’s miniature OBE medal is among 17 items that were taken from Dorset’s Sherborne School by Julia Turing, who is no relation, in 1984. They were found at her home in Colorado in the US in 2018.

Compliance regulations, risk management and continuity planning are just a few of the primary reasons why organisations and companies archive information. We know that your records archiving solution needs to address each of the following primary challenges: collection, consolidation, search, discovery and secure records management.

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Source: The Old Shirburnian Society

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