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Thinking inside the box

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Is self-storage a good option?

Filofile has recently expanded its storage capacity due to increased demand for its services and we are really excited to encourage businesses to think about the advantages of freeing up the space in their offices by letting us take care of their important files and documents.

Our new storage capacity has led to conversations with businesses who tell us they do not need our service because they already have a self-storage unit thank you very much.

On these occasions it is clear they are not talking about trusting their files and documents to a well-run facility managed by a reputable document manager and storage organisation. They are talking about something that is very different.

Have you ever rented a self-storage unit? As we have pointed out before, many of these units are designed for outside items, boats-bikes-BBQs, and the like. The disadvantage to this kind of self-storage unit is they are primarily meant for the type of items that could be outside in your garage and to be honest they are often located in pretty dubious areas. The doors to these storage units are not 100% air tight and let in a nominal amount of dirt and grime. To put documents in this kind of storage unit is not advisable, and yet companies continue to see it as a viable alternative to storing on their own premises.

Documents retained in this type of storage unit have what appears, from the outside, to be a very secure document storage option, but as soon as you see one from the inside, you realize that the security factor is almost an illusion. Also most self-storage units are not climate controlled and even a 15’ x 25’ storage unit would become filled with banker’s boxes and/or filing cabinets extremely quickly.

Secondary to this is the integrity of the filing system. This can be easily compromised by having any employee retrieve files for past cases, moving around boxes as they do so; some firms think to solve this by only allowing a senior member of staff to spend time going back and forth to a self-storage unit – an option that uses up the valuable time of someone who could be more effectively employed elsewhere. There is also the ease of storage box breakdown in a self-storage unit where there are no proper shelving options to alleviate the weight as the boxes pile up.

At Filofile our cost effective service allows us to store your documents in a state of the art facility that is secure, discreet and linked to Police and Fire services, as well as being ISO 9001 compliant, adding an extra layer of security as compared to storing your own records on-site or in a storage unit. We use a comprehensive barcode indexing technology to track your files which can be integrated seamlessly into any records management processes you have in place. We also provide a next day delivery service for document retrieval as standard and there’s an emergency service for those crucial moments when you need a record in a hurry.

If you are renting a self-storage unit how does that compare? Here’s a check list to help you make that comparison, we offer:

  • Enhanced security
  • Fire cover
  • Traceability
  • Climate controlled conditions
  • Free collection and electronic registration of all documents and records you store with us
  • Fast retrieval service
  • Peace of mind

If you need to free up some space for your documents, please do get in touch.

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