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Thinking inside the box

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Keep your powder (and those essential files) dry with Filofile’s help!

You may not have started building your ark yet, but from the rainy view out the window it’s looking like an increasingly sensible suggestion. The main stream media doesn’t shy away from ramping up the doom and gloom with The Guardian telling us large areas of England are submerged under murky flood water, with homes damaged, farm crops rotting, and rail routes and roads unusable.

The relatively new phenomena of naming storms seems to make it all sound so much worse with seemingly innocuous names taking on terrifying significance as we witness pictures of huge waves battling our much loved shorelines and watch footage of planes aborting landings as they rock from side to side.

The UK is a rainy country, and some parts of it are quite used to regular floods, but the situation is worsening and this is very evident in the South West. It seems that global climate breakdown caused by the burning of fossil fuels is causing more unpredictable and extreme weather events and the domestic infrastructure is underfunded and cannot cope sufficiently.

When we look at the bigger picture it is tempting to think there is little we can do, but focusing on those things that can make a difference to your own home or business is a good start. What we all need to strive to achieve is peace of mind and when it comes to our important records it is probably better to steer clear of storage in basements or even less than water tight, unmanned self-storage units.

Although nearly three quarters of our clients have never outsourced before they have found that Filofile’s low cost records storage solutions offers the peace of mind that their valuable documents are well cared for. We start by supplying our clients with Filofile storage boxes which we then collect from the premises once they are filled them with your documents. They are then registered and barcoded into our efficient records management system and stored in our highly secure climate controlled storage facility.

With an increasing risk of flooding and space at a premium these days does it make any sense to try and store documents and valuable files on your own premises, or in an expensive self-storage unit where you have to manage the storage and retrieval yourself? When you take into consideration that many documents must be kept for a minimum of seven years and you need to be able to access those documents from time to time, then an offsite storage solution like the one that Filofile offers becomes a viable alternative. If you need access to your documents, we can easily retrieve them for you and offer a standard next day delivery service for document retrieval and an emergency service for those crucial moments when you need a record in a hurry.

This winter it was revealed by the National Audit Office that the number of properties to receive better protection from flooding by 2027 has been cut by 40% and 500 of 2,000 new flood defence projects have been abandoned. The rest of January is forecast to be more settled but clear skies should not bring complacency – the next downpours will return soon enough.

To find out more about Filofile can help your organisation, contact us today. We look forward to speaking with you.

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