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Let’s talk about customer service

Let’s talk about customer service.  When you are the recipient of bad customer service you may struggle to explain exactly what went wrong but you know perfectly well how it makes you feel.

Bad customer service usually leaves a client angry, sad, and dissatisfied. It happens when a business fails to meet one’s expectations. Some of the most irritating pain points of bad customer service include frustrations with a rude or incompetent customer support agent, not being able to speak to a ‘real’ person, spending a long time on hold, being asked to repeat the same story again and again and the experience of pushy sales people.

The problem is that an average dissatisfied customer is going to tell between 9 – 15 people about their bad experience. And around 13% will tell more than 20 people. So each time you lose one client because of bad customer service, multiply this number by at least 9.

There are many variations on the famed statistic: “an unhappy customer tells X others. Did you know its origins come from a 1980 study for Coca-Cola’s consumer affairs department? Coke commissioned this ground breaking research to determine the word-of-mouth impact of customer complainants. The top level findings were:

Unhappy customers told a median of 9–10 people about their experience.

Completely satisfied customers told a median of 4–5 people about theirs.

Every other study says much the same – unhappy customers tell 9, 10, 11, 15 or 20 other people. Human nature makes bad news travel farthest and fastest. It’s because people like to warn others, particularly those they care about. Our collective instinct is to acknowledge that the blessing of a negative experience is to prevent others from having to go through the same pain. Once we’ve had enough we invariably switch to a different supplier and usually our previous poor experience will make sure we choose wisely.

Sometimes businesses go on putting up with shoddy customer service until the proverbial last straw arrives and they realise there are alternatives to be considered. In the document management and storage sector we have heard tales of clients being charged for empty boxes, missing documents and exorbitant charges for each and every retrieval.  When files are missing or incorrectly filed this means your supplier is failing to help you and in turn this will have a knock on effect to your business as you may be unable to help your own customers if you don’t have the correct documentation to hand.

A new customer, Annette Goody from law firm McCloy Legal, who recently switched to Filofile explained why.  ‘We have moved to Filofile for two reasons; we were fed up with never getting the files we asked for from our old supplier and when Simon Barber introduced himself to our company we were very pleased with his professional manner.

‘What he has promised he has delivered and very efficiently and professionally. When our files arrived at his store he allowed us to visit and collate all of our files with his help. Being able to see his storage facility gave us peace of mind for the safety of our files and how the files were kept and accessed. Since then his company delivers on time or before efficiently and the costs are much more competitive than our previous supplier. We would have no hesitation of recommending Filofile. The transition was smooth and the file request system on the website is very user friendly.’

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