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Thinking inside the box

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Making room for social distancing.

Many businesses are now returning to work, but what we recognise as our workplaces are now a very different beast from those we left a couple of months ago. Social distancing means employers have to rethink the entire office space and ensure enough distance is being left between desks, check throughways are easy to negotiate without going too close to work colleagues and remove any inconvenient cabinets and storage units to create safer working spaces.

Perhaps you are looking around to free up more space, maybe using that spare office which usually acts as a storage room for records kept for accounting reasons. Or you might be taking a close look at the basement or attic to see if those areas can be converted into a working office, but again where do all the accumulated files and documents go?

Filofile’s expert service means we can help with these problems.

At Filofile our cost effective service allows us to store your documents in a state of the art facility that is secure, discreet and linked to Police and Fire services, as well as being ISO 9001 compliant, adding an extra layer of security as compared to storing your own records on-site or in a storage unit. We also provide a next day delivery service for document retrieval as standard and there’s an emergency service for those crucial moments when you need a record in a hurry. For home workers we can also arrange to deliver to your home-based office.

As you make room you may decide you don’t need to store all your documents, but need to ensure that those you are moving are safely shredded and disposed of. Confidential removal of obsolete documents and media forms an integral part of any records management strategy and Filofile provides comprehensive destruction of redundant documents and records when they are no longer needed.

Documents are shredded into an enclosed container that is then baled and taken for recycling ensuring the maximum environmental benefit in terms of sustainability and efficient utilisation of resources. Documents that are scheduled for destruction are completely destroyed by shredding securely within our storage facility and we issue certificates of destruction to ensure your audit trail is complete. We can also manage your file destruction schedule for you.

We know everyone is going through extraordinary times, but we are here to help with all your records management requirements. If you would like to arrange a free, socially distanced, audit, please get in touch – we are here to support you.

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