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Rats ate my house deeds

The New Year is often a great excuse to clear out and start afresh. With lockdown still in force, it is a chance for business owners to take stock and audit the piles of paperwork that have accumulated in their home office as well as in offices forced to adapt to an ongoing Coronavirus environment.

Although your store-room may be safely locked and the only key tied on a string around your neck, there are still many threats lurking about. See the list below to see what dangers could be awaiting your important papers.

  • Moisture. The single largest threat to paper documents. Most basements and warehouses are stuffed full of documents, then locked and forgotten. Moisture has a way of seeping in. Documents are often stored in damp basements, or even become casualties of burst pipes at this time or year.
  • Pests. Before you know it, rats and mice will make their way into your precious stack of files. Nothing a rat loves more than a tasty nibble or two of some old accounting sheets or even worse some important property deeds – no one wants to tell land registry a rat has eaten their documents!
  • Documents get lost. No matter how remarkable a filing system you have devised, we are all guilty of leaving filing until tomorrow. But Tomorrow Never Comes. This apathy results in a mess of files and documents that prevents you from finding documents when you need them.
  • How safe is your home office. Do you really want to keep lots of important documents in your home office? Not everyone in your home show the same amount of respect to your paperwork as your office colleagues. No one tells the dog the difference between your daily paper and your boss’s treasured company archive.
  • Paper Ages. With age paper becomes brittle and damage prone. If not handled very carefully, old documents can easily tear or disintegrate. Imagine what will happen to your 99-year lease deed after 90 years have passed.
  • No Backup! This is the most obvious threat, but often overlooked. What happens if any of the above events take place? How do you recover? Paper is usually not backed up in any manner.

At Filofile we have a solution for all of the above. Our cost effective service allows us to store your documents in a state of the art facility that is secure, discreet and linked to Police and Fire services. We are also ISO 9001 compliant, adding an extra layer of security as compared to storing your own records on-site or in a home-based office and we provide a next day delivery service for document retrieval as standard. There is an emergency service for those crucial moments when you need a record in a hurry. Also to help remote working continue to work smoothly Filofile is able to deliver documents straight to your home based office when necessary.

We are often asked what businesses see as the most rewarding aspect of Filofile’s document management and storage service and probably the thing that crops up most frequently is the heartfelt response from clients when we find a “lost” or much wanted document.  Our comprehensive barcode indexing technology tracks your files and can be integrated seamlessly into any records management processes you have in place.

Filofile wants you to have a happy new year, so write us a message or give us a call on 0845 6027006 and let us take care of storing and managing your documents so you can take care of your business.

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