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Thinking inside the box

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The life time cost for this example for a 7 year retention with Filofile is under £40 against £210 for scanning. And from a cash flow perspective we charge as we go along; the cost of scanning is all upfront.

So which is better – Scanning or Document Storage?

Notwithstanding the account size and service level, the cost saving is very considerable. Why pay over 4 times as much when you don’t need to?

length of time to keep documents

Where you need all of your documents scanned make sure there is a good business reason to do so, such as instant access or where there is a call for information from multiple sites, otherwise it might just make more sense and less cost to get Filofile to manage all of your boxes of paper documents – after all it’s what we do best!

Filofile in Somerset has been involved in the record storage business for a number of years and in that time we have seen many changes in business attitudes towards document storage and records management.

We have many clients who at one time or another have tried to store their own documents and have found that the main issues are not only a lack of space but more importantly, how easy is it to retrieve documents? Often the case is that document indexing is flawed and documents can easily get misplaced or even lost.

At Filofile we employ a state of the art registration system and robust bar code tracking processes to enable high-speed document retrieval the next day, and in 2 hours for emergencies.

The question that many clients still ask is; “would it be better to scan all documents and not have to keep paper records?” From a purely cost point of view let’s say that you have to keep a document for 7 years (for instance financial records)and storing that document in a box with other documents in our highly secure records storage facility might cost £5 per annum. Even with some retrievals of the document – our free retrieval allowance can give you the opportunity to make calling items back very cost effective. To scan the same box of documents might cost anywhere from £80 to £210.

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