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Thinking inside the box

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Filofile offers an end-to-end service collecting and retrieving your stored documents and delivering them to your location on time, every time which allows you to benefit from a very cost effective service that is tailored to individual needs and works for you day in and day out.

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Retrieval and next day delivery as standard

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Indexing and inventory management which can integrate with your processes

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Online retrieval requests

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Certified secure and confidential destruction of documents and end of life which are then recycled

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Emergency deliveries available

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Transported by our own team in company owned vehicles


We supply storage boxes with lids for A4 sized paper documents, valuable papers, files of documents, engineering drawings, healthcare records, media files and other confidential records that need to be placed into a long-term secure storage facility.

These boxed documents are then collected from your premises at a time that is convenient for you – we will work with you to schedule a time for collection of documents and transport them to our secure records storage facility.


Filofile utilises advanced barcode technology that ensures 99.9% accuracy in all areas of document storage: archiving, retrieval and destruction.

We are able to guarantee accurate tracking of documents by assigning a unique barcode identification number to each document storage box and shelf location within our secure storage facility.

Clients can request Next Day or Same Day delivery. Priority / emergency requests can be delivered within two hours of your order*. Depending on the volume you store with us we’ll give you a free NEXT DAY retrieval allowance tailored to meet your individual needs. You therefore benefit from a very cost effective retrieval service.

*Client location must be within a 1 hour drive of our storage facility.

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