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Thinking inside the box

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Filofile meticulously registers all of your collected boxed documents into our comprehensive and secure file storage system using a barcode indexing technology that enables fast and accurate document retrieval on demand. We can also provide individual file registration if required.

Our Process

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We use the world’s leading document management software – so no matter how you like to run your business you can be sure that we utilise a system that’s more than capable of coping with your requirements for file tracking and providing state of the art traceability, seamlessly combining our barcode system with any records management processes you already have in place. These methods save you time while providing you with the peace of mind that all of your valuable papers are securely logged and stored into our secure facility.

Filofile document management delivers a comprehensive end-to-end safe secure records management solution that includes complimentary collection of boxed documents, free document box registration and free retrieval from our modern highly secure and monitored facilities. Our personnel are fully vetted and our DualCom security system is linked directly to fire and police services.

Our comprehensive document management services go far beyond just storing documents in boxes in a remote warehouse – Filofile document management delivers a bespoke secure records storage and document management service to meet your needs so that you are not paying for a pre-packaged service that is inflexible and makes it difficult for you to manage. When you call us you talk directly to someone you know, who is familiar with your business, understands the complexities of safe secure document management and who takes a keen personal interest in getting the exact records you want, when you want them.


Compliance regulations, risk management and continuity planning are just a few of the primary reasons why organisations and companies archive information. A records archiving solution must address each of the following primary challenges: collection, consolidation, search, discovery and secure records management.

Filofile is therefore a key component and an integral part of the process of document management and our records storage solution embraces the functionality, performance and scalability needed to achieve these objectives. We stand to grow with you as your needs change, balancing the act between scalability and security.

Archiving that perfectly matches your requirements and works for you day in and day out.

Filofile document management provides secure document storage facilities for valuable papers, files of documents, engineering drawings, healthcare records, boxed files, media files; secure records destruction when documents are no longer needed; complete scanning and image hosting for a range of media files.

Benefits of using Filofile for document & records management

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Knowledge and experience

Being in the document and records management industry since 2005 means we know what we’re doing and we enjoy helping clients implement processes to make them more effective in their day-to-day operations.

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A personalised service

We enjoy providing a high level of service, and we work in a bespoke way with many of our clients to adapt to their requirements. The one thing that is always consistent, a small, dedicated, friendly and trustworthy team.

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Fast retrieval service with documents delivered straight to your office

We provide a next day delivery service for document retrieval as standard, we also have an emergency service for those crucial moments when you need a record in a hurry.

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