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Thinking inside the box

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Data backup is crucial process for all businesses, if your companies servers are based on site, securing that backup away from the premises is essential incase of fire, theft or water damage.

Filofile can accommodate and safely store most types of electronic media files including: computer tapes, data cartridges, CDs, DVDs, optical disks, hard drives, audio and video tapes, microfilm and microfiche.

Our in-house electronic media storage system effectively manages inventory tracking. Speak to us about your requirements for the safe storage and management of electronic media.

Filofile safely stores and manages electronic media, scans and back-up tapes.

Benefits of using Filofile for electronic media storage

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An off-site backup

Not only is it critical to back up your data, it’s also important to store that backup off-site, as in the event of a fire, theft or water damage, both your live and backed up data would be lost if it was all stored in your office.

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Regular pickups

We can arrange to collect your electronic media devices as regularly as you require, usually picking one up and dropping an old one off for you to overwrite. All of our logistics are carried out by us in company owned transportation with drivers contactable via mobile.

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ISO 9001 Compliant

All of our processes are ISO 9001 compliant and we take pride in our secure state of the art climate controlled storage facility, so you can be sure your data is in safe hands.

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