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Thinking inside the box

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Shipping containers are never going to be the answer

Are you watching the latest series of troubled Dutch detective Van der Valk?  For those who vaguely recognise the name, this British TV drama was created in the seventies with some bouncy, memorable music which contrasted with the darker themes it explored. The programme is now enjoying a revival with a brand new cast, slightly different music, but still the same recurring themes of drugs, sex and murder – some things don’t change! However, one of the latest episodes featured shipping containers and demonstrated how a bunch of “free runners” were able to access the contents with apparent ease (if you are good at running up the side of a wall!).

Have you ever considered renting a self-storage unit or shipping container? Many of these units are mainly meant for outside items, boats-bikes-BBQs, and the like. The disadvantage to this kind of self-storage unit is they are not meant for anything that could not be outside in your garage and they are often located in pretty dubious areas. The doors to these storage units are not 100% air tight and let in a nominal amount of dirt and grime, as well as being vulnerable when it comes to security.

Documents retained in this type of storage unit have what appears, from the outside, to be a very secure document storage option, but as soon as you see one from the inside, you realize that the security factor is almost an illusion. Most self-storage units are not climate controlled and even a 15’ x 25’ storage unit would become filled with boxes and/or filing cabinets rather quickly; not to mention the ease of storage box breakdown in a self-storage unit where there are no proper shelving options to alleviate the weight as the boxes pile up.

Secondary to this is the integrity of the filing system. This can be easily compromised by having any employee retrieve files for past cases. Compare this approach to Filofile. Our system will meticulously register all of your collected boxed documents into our comprehensive and secure file storage system using a barcode indexing technology that enables fast and accurate document retrieval on demand. We can also provide individual file registration if required. You will always have the opportunity to deal with and speak to a “real” person and not an anonymous “bot” trying to engage you in a protracted online conversation.

At Filofile our cost effective service allows us to store your documents in a state of the art facility that is secure, discreet and linked to Police and Fire services, as well as being ISO 9001 compliant, adding an extra layer of security as compared to storing your own records on-site or in a storage unit. We also provide a next day delivery service for document retrieval as standard and there’s an emergency service for those crucial moments when you need a record in a hurry.

The moral of the story is, don’t use a shipping container to store your vital documents as they are not as safe as you may think. If you want peace of mind, traceability, convenience and security use a professional service like the one we offer at Filofile and then you can leave the drama to the TV detectives. Contact us today to see how we can help.

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