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Stop Wasting Paper

Did you know that 90% of the world’s data has been created in the last 2 years – that is a huge amount of information and it continues to grow at an alarming rate every day.

When it comes to paper a staggering 85% of business documents are on paper and on average a paper document is printed 5x times even if the original is electronic. Plus there is a lot of duplication of multipage documents and even more is wasted before it is deemed to be kept and most legal paperwork is kept for hand written signatures and backups of backups.

paper waste

You have probably also noticed that many utility companies and online businesses these days don’t actually produce any printed documentation and expect the customer to print their own paperwork, invoices, customer order receipts, manuals and service documents etc.

So what happens to all of this paper that has only been printed on one side and where does it go? Some gets shredded or destroyed as confidential waste paper, some gets recycled and collected at the kerbside each week and surprisingly a lot is kept for safe keeping and stored in a filing cabinet, in paper boxes in the office, in a room dedicated for paper storage or in most cases it is taken home and stored in a garage or spare bedroom.

There are better economic and secure solutions for example contracting a professional organisation like Filofile that specialises in cataloguing, archiving and storing in secure locations that can also provide quick retrieval of specific documents in a moments notice and delivered within hours of a request being made.

Filofile has a highly secure, state of the art facility, that provides the best solution for document management conveniently located within an hour from Bristol, Bath and Taunton. Storing documents is the main core of our business and our customers put their trust in us to deliver fast retrieval of their documents when they need to access them.

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