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Thinking inside the box

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The benefits of being an independant business!

We are based in an area of the country made up of many small and independent businesses. Filofile is proud of the fact that it operates independently and is not part of a large chain or franchise. This means that customers are not faced with walls of bureaucracy when they deal with us; there is no faceless call centre that plays you interminable versions of Vivaldi or Beyoncé.

As a country we are going through uncertain times. But as a small business we are flexible, and able to make decisions and implement changes faster than large chain businesses, so better adapting to the local environment.
A small business owner or manager can decide policies and efficient procedures that are then easily communicated to employees, allowing employees to have more contact and often more influence in determining policies and procedures. A large business, on the other hand, is usually run by a chain of command, and disagreements between managers can slow down the decision-making process. In addition, large companies often have more localities to consider when creating and changing policies, which makes them less able to adapt to a particular place’s needs.

Some small businesses do not have employees while others have a handful of employees. The small number of employees in a small business allows employees to interact more with key decision makers such as the owner or managers. Management can get a better feel for employee performance and employees’ needs with the close interaction in small businesses. Clients benefit as they are able to form productive relationships with people they recognise and trust.

High-level managers of big organisations or companies may be out of touch with the day-to-day operations and issues of a business. At Filofile we are active in the business every day and able to deal promptly and efficiently with every request from our clients.

Small businesses command a high regard in many customers’ eyes and people often want to support them – and for good reason! Small businesses like Filofile offer a more personal, one-on-one contact with clients while still offering a high tech cost effective service upon which you can rely.

There are many other benefits associated with an independent business, but probably the most important one is accountability. You know the person behind the business and this is what gives our clients complete trust in the service we deliver. Contact us today, to see how we can help you!

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