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Thinking inside the box

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The new unmentionable word

Are you aware there’s a word that seems to be attracting a lot of attention right now? It describes something we used to take for granted. And yet now it is very likely about to appear on a tombstone near you – dead and buried along with cheque books, VHS and thank you letters. The word may still pass your lips, but usually in a negative way, because you will be decrying its absence.

Here’s a bit more of a clue. Several years ago a number of businesses stopped answering our calls with a human being who was actually at the other end of the phone – IRL – or In Real Life as the text version goes. Instead we were treated to various annoying tracks of “muzac” while we were urged to go through a menu of options pressing various numbers until we were placed in a very long queue when we may, if we were very patient, finally reach someone who could possibly help us.

Have you guessed it yet? Here’s another example. You would like to get a refund on some airline tickets which you purchased online because there are no high street travel agents anymore. You search for a telephone number and then resort to looking on the website for someone, anyone, to speak to. Invariably an AI (is it really Artificial Intelligence?) pops up and you end up in a Q and A conversation which does nothing to resolve your problem. You try Customer Services only to go through a long wait before being told that isn’t the department that can help. And so on…

The word of course is service and its rapid demise has come about because big business decided they would create a bunch of systems to suit their own requirements rather than that of the customer. Whether it’s queuing at the supermarket to use a self-service till so you can do all the scanning and packing of your goods yourself or being forced to participate in online consultations before you can even get your foot over the threshold of your local GP, the customer is increasingly expected to do all the work themselves. There is no choice!

At Filofile we are bucking that trend. You can always speak to us on the phone and we can tailor our service to suit your requirements. We have clients ranging from firms of accountants to hospitals, charities, schools and legal services. Filofile offers an end-to-end service collecting and retrieving your stored documents and delivering them to your location on time, every time,  which allows you to benefit from a very cost effective service that is tailored to individual needs and works for you day in and day out.

We are not averse to technology when it is deployed in a helpful and efficient way; we use advanced barcode technology to ensure 99.9% accuracy in all areas of document storage. Accurate tracking of documents is achieved by assigning unique barcode identification numbers to each document storage box and shelf location within the secure storage facility.

If your records management and storage systems need some help and you don’t know where to start, get in touch with us and we will come and give you a free audit. We still believe in putting the customer first and providing a great service – with a smile!

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