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Thinking inside the box

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We all need to plan smarter and work greener in 2020

Climate change is happening and the results – melting ice caps, rising sea levels, drought, deforestation and floods – are already with us. Our workplaces burn energy, use resources and generate waste and carbon emissions, so they are important places to take action on environmental issues.

You may not agree with everything Swedish campaigner Greta Thunberg has to say about climate change and the environment, but there is no denying that people and businesses are waking up to what needs to be done to protect our way of life.

Bristol is set to become the UK’s first city to ban diesel cars from entering parts of the city centre in a bid to cut air pollution. Bristol City Council has agreed to ban privately owned diesel cars from a central zone in the daytime. Commercial vehicles will pay to enter the area.
The city has long suffered from poor air quality, particularly from high levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2). The central ban zone, where privately owned diesel cars will be banned between 07:00 and 15:00, includes part of the M32, the old city, Redcliffe, Spike Island, the Harbourside, and part of Hotwells.

Vehicles, with the exception of taxis and emergency services, will incur fines if they stray into the area. The scheme, which needs government approval, is due to start in 2021.

Meanwhile a clean air zone (CAZ) charge on vehicles in Bath has been approved in a bid to improve the city’s air quality.
Private cars will be exempt but the most polluting commercial vehicles such as buses and lorries will be charged. Bath and North East Somerset Council (Banes) voted to introduce a £9 daily fee for high-emission commercial vans and £100 for HGV and buses. The scheme now needs final government approval but the council still aims to launch the scheme by the end of the year.

Southampton and Leeds councils have already agreed CAZs, while similar schemes are proposed for cities including Bristol, Birmingham, Sheffield and Greater Manchester.

What has all this to do with document management and storage? At Filofile, depending on the volume you store with us, we offer free, next day collection and electronic registration of all documents and records. Plus clients can request Next Day or Same Day delivery. Priority or emergency requests can be delivered within two hours of your order.

Like many other small businesses we are exploring the options for electric vehicles, but in the meantime are encouraging our clients to think about their requirements when it comes to retrieving documents stored off site.

If you have several departments who regularly need to retrieve records, be sure to co-ordinate those requests to save multiple trips back and forth which not only increase your costs but also make for a more crowded environment. It’s all about adopting a smarter way of working: identify your likely future needs, plan and communicate with other departments who use our service and end up saving on costs and contributing to a greener future! Call us today to see how we can help your organisation.


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