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We are an extension of your team

One of the best compliments we receive at Filofile is how helpful we are to businesses when their staff leave them.  Everyone knows in business, as in life, staff will move on. There may be a better job opportunity waiting for them, or perhaps they have to move as a result of a partner’s relocation or simply because something else has happened which means they no longer work for you.

After the Good Luck card has been signed, the collection for a farewell present has been made and the leaving do taken place, a few weeks may pass before the inevitable question pops up. “How do we do that?” Often followed by blank looks all round and then the predictable response of “So and so always used to handle that, I’m not sure…” This happens more often than many companies would like to admit.

No matter how many process control experts try to persuade businesses to be more transparent about the actual working processes that happen across all our offices, if we are honest this doesn’t always happen. Records management is one such area that can be over-looked and that is where we can help. We are happy to familiarise new staff with our services and ordering procedures. As a result of Covid 19 we have often arranged to deliver documents to key staff working from home in order to allow their businesses to continue to function.

We have seen many professional staff who are close to retirement deciding to carry out a complete review of their file holding in order to ensure everything is in place for whoever takes over. This may involve preparing a destruction schedule for those files no longer required but which need to be disposed of in a safe and confidential manner. At Filofile we are perfectly placed to help with all of the above and make sure that there is a smooth transition for the business throughout the process.

We are often asked what businesses see as the most rewarding aspect of Filofile’s document management and storage service and probably the thing that crops up most frequently is the heartfelt response from clients when we find a “lost” or much wanted document.  Our comprehensive barcode indexing technology tracks your files and can be integrated seamlessly into any records management processes you have in place. Finding that much wanted file always elicits the most positive and appreciative responses from our clients because in words immortalised by Joni Mitchell: “you don’t know what you’ve got. Til it’s gone.”  (And there’s a great summer prize of a delicious cream tea awaiting the first person to email us at  with the title of that particular song).

If you have any questions about our process and how we can help your business, please get in touch.


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