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Thinking inside the box

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What happens inside the box? 

Everyone gets in a muddle with paperwork from time to time. It is human nature to mislay something you want to start work on right now and no one has a perfect memory. In fact I would challenge anyone to deny they haven’t at some point forgotten where they put their keys, or suddenly can’t find their glasses (usually on top of your head) or have put down their phone and now need to ring it (pray it’s not on silent!). 

If you are forever losing things, it doesn’t mean you are losing your mind. However, it can mean that you are losing your focus. That’s understandable. Busy people can’t focus on everything. Perhaps you have had a lot of staff changes in your office or you have been involved in an office move – whatever the reason, it is time to develop a few new habits and routines. 

When it comes to keeping track of your important documents and files, outsourcing this task and using an organisation like Filofile can help you do just that, giving you the support and helping to narrow down your searches to help you find what you need. 

When a client chooses Filofile as its document storage and management provider we will have already calculated the number of boxes you will require and offered advice on best practice when we carry out the initial audit. This includes guidance on document destruction and the importance of grouping documents together so that when their destruction date is due, they can be easily destroyed once the client has given permission.  

All of Filofile’s clients agree that our document storage and management service offers peace of mind. Once a client has registered with Filofile and filled the boxes we provide, the client can rest assured that we offer full traceability of all your boxes. Using our dedicated software, each box will be registered with a unique barcode under the client’s account. 

Initially we ask our clients to ensure they know the contents of each box they submit to Filofile; in this way they can request an individual file from a specific box. Once this request is made to Filofile, the file will be removed from the box and registered on Filofile’s state of the art software system. The file is barcoded and so when it is returned to us; it can be sent straight back to its host box.  

Sometimes we are asked why we don’t bar code every file from the minute a client starts up an account. We have found that most clients are keen to get up and running as soon as possible and this approach facilitates that as well as saving the client money. Once a client makes a request to retrieve a file it is then given its own individual bar code on our system.  

If you have any questions about the process then we are only too happy to answer them. Why not contact us and book a free audit and find out how we can really help you organise your files and develop some new habits you can follow in the future. 



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