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What’s achieved by a good audit?

It’s very easy to be embarrassed by a room of messy records.  In fact some businesses have been known to experience a spot of denial when it comes to needing to sort out their archives. Nothing to see here! Many businesses and organisations are all too familiar with the scenario of an unexpected visit from a new client (or even a new boss!) – why is it always then that the piles of files and bulging filing cabinets seem to be projecting exactly the wrong message?

When a potential client invites Filofile to come and do a complementary audit, there is absolutely no need for any embarrassment. You can rest assured that over the years Filofile has seen a whole raft of different storage solutions – some more effective than others! We understand that most people are already focused on running a successful business and despite best efforts it can be incredibly easy to ignore the growing piles of documents accumulating in a dusty corner.

As our business is storage and document management we are best placed to offer advice on outsourcing storage and in the process we will address any concerns you may have about how your precious records will be looked after and stored.

If you are wondering what can be achieved by a good audit, please read on:

An email or phone call to Filofile asking for a complementary audit will lead to Simon Barber contacting you to set up a convenient time to visit and discuss your requirements. As owner and managing director of Filofile Simon has many years of experience within the industry and is the best person to assess the entirety of a business’s record management needs.

The audit will include an introduction to Filofile so you can learn how we work and enable you to meet Simon face to face. Many of our clients are outsourcing for the first time and so building a good relationship of trust and confidence is extremely important.

Simon will assess the businesses current archiving practices and calculate the volume of Filofile archive boxes required. At this stage you may be pleasantly surprised as Filofile will offer advice on standard retention periods and also work with you to understand why your business values a particular set of records. You may find you are keeping records that you no longer need and can therefore free up extra storage space. Most businesses are aware of the legal requirement to hang on to financial records for seven years, but depending upon your business sector there can be other reasons for holding on to records for a longer period. For example surveyors and property businesses may need much older documents showing how boundaries have changed or there may be information about the land or legal documents that need preserving.

Preservation of documents is another subject for discussion. Filofile can assess any climate control issues and clients can rest assured that their documents will be stored in a climate controlled secure facility at Filofile monitored 24/7 and linked into police and fire services.

Sometimes records can be all mixed together. An audit is a great opportunity to understand how to sort them out and store them differently. It can even be quite cathartic! Filofile uses a comprehensive barcode indexing technology to track your files which can be integrated seamlessly into any records management processes you have in place.

To sum up, a good audit will provide you with more than information on what to do with all those records; it will provide the confidence to understand the cost of outsourcing and how to access your files when you need them. It will enable a business to move forward knowing your precious files and documents will be in safe and secure care. Call us today on 0845 602 7006 or leave your contact details on the form on the website.

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