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Why does my business need you to look after my files?

There are many reasons businesses decide to get to grips with document management and storage and turn to a professional service like Filofile. Perhaps the business is moving to new premises which do not have suitable storage for the numerous files and documents it has accumulated.

Sometimes it is just a case of running out of office space in the building you wish to continue to occupy, but the mountains of filing cabinets and hundreds of files are threatening to take over valuable office space.

Perhaps you have seen a few staff changes and documents have been lost or misplaced. Maybe an external provider who has promised to keep your documents safe hasn’t done so and now you can’t locate some important paperwork. Traceability is a key reason many businesses turn to a provider like Filofile.

Sometimes the very space you have allocated for those important documents may have been compromised by water damage and damp.

As insurance premiums continue to rise the cost of keeping all those important files on your own premises rises too. Do you have enough security in place? What are your legal responsibilities and do you know how long you should hold on to particular documents?

Whatever the size of your business or the industry you are in; there are a variety of records and documents that need to be retained for legal and compliance reasons. The amount of data that is collected these days is enormous and many can feel like they are drowning in a sea of paper. The thought of organising all these records, some of which need to be retained for different periods of time, can be somewhat daunting, but it needn’t be.

Managing a business’s records inventory can be a simple process, once the ground rules have been set in place. Keeping records in an organised, easily identifiable, logical way is essential for any business to not only retrieve as and when required, but to also remain compliant with regulatory and legal bodies, and to identify what records need to be destroyed, and when. Adopting records management best practices and creating a document retention policy can be the difference between a successful business that grows and an outdated business that fails.

For example Filofile has a number of care homes as clients and is able to take the stress away of impending CQC visits by helping to resolve any record management issues before a CQC inspection The Care Quality Commission has 28 regulations, designed to encourage care homes to ensure high quality records are kept. The Commission carries out regular inspections to make sure standards are meeting these regulations.

Filofile can help your business create a records management strategy to capture, record, track and monitor your documents. Establishing a comprehensive, effective document and records management system will ensure that the right documents and records are accurately captured, in the background, and that they are correctly recorded, categorised, stored and archived. Once created, every staff member who needs access to the documents can be made aware of the procedures, and the people tasked with handling the records identified and held accountable.

Filofile stores documents “off-site” and uses a comprehensive barcode indexing technology to track files which can be integrated seamlessly into any business’s records management processes. When files are needed, Filofile provides a next day delivery service as standard and also a fast emergency request service for those crucial moments. In other words we take away the stress of storing important documents so you will always know exactly where they are when you need them.

Our Specialist team can offer free advice on the best strategy for your organisation. Contact us today to find out more.

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